the photographer

Johan van Walsem

My passion for photography as always been strongly interconnected with my passion for men. The stunning beauty of the young male in it’s most vibrant form, full of sexual energy, ready to penetrate the world, keeps drawing me back in time after time.

As a tantric practitioner for over 10 years I’ve been practicing many different sexual yoga’s and life approaches. As a bodyworker I’ve been experiencing and practicing deep intimate touch with a wide variety of men. Now I want to bring these two worlds together.

Combining photography with physical touch I believe together we can create a synthesis. I want to create a space where the outer layer of beauty meets the inner layer of depth, emotions and intimacy. 

The Tantric Male

From my perspective, tantra is an attitude towards life. It’s embracing what is, facing what comes, being or becoming aware of what’s around you. The tantric male is present, aware, full of energy, ready to go, in touch with his body, humble, cheeky, vibrant and honest.

Do you want to collaborate as a model?

Check if the following applies to you:

  • you are at least 18 years old
  • you are physically fit, slim or muscled
  • you are enthusiastic about nude modelling
  • you would love to create artistic erotic content
  • you are open to explore photography with physical touch

14 + 14 =